7 not so glamorous parts of IVF

The not so glamorous parts of IVF

If you have never been through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) you may not fully understand the “wonderful, glamorous” parts of IVF. The things women put their bodies through during IVF. IVF is broken down into 3 different phases: -Injections to stimulate eggs (10-14 days)-Egg Retrieval-Embryo Transfer (either fresh or frozen) There are unfortunately not so …

Fertility Fundraiser - Yard sale bake sale character meet and greet food trucks and silent auction
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A Fertility Fundraiser

After Chase and I met with our RE about our next steps we discussed having a fertility fundraiser to help us pay for our IVF cycle. Which we ended up not needing the money from. It went to The Hope for Fertility Foundation, the nonprofit we created to help couples struggling to pay for fertility …