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Fear of the Unknown

With it being Halloween I thought it would be fun fitting to talk about fear. I’ve mentioned being afraid to be a mom. I’m asking 4 questions in regards to our fear.

fear kills more dreams than failure ever will quote

What are you afraid of? What are some things in life that have scared you to the point you stood still?

Are you afraid to run a marathon, or afraid to start IVF? What about being afraid to move on after failed IVF cycles? Is there something that you are stuck on and afraid to move forward on? Did you know that no decision is still a decision?

What causes us to become afraid?

I think change causes us to be afraid. That could be scared of being out of a comfort zones. It could also be being scared to be let down for the 1,000th time. Or being scared of the unknown.

In order for us to overcome our fears we have to take that tiny step into the darkness. Being afraid to move forward doesn’t have to hold us back. We can move forward scared, with a prayer in our heart that things will work out.

Do you remember those old computer games, where the places that you’ve been show up as light and the places you haven’t been, are still dark? In order to progress in those games you have to take a step (leap of faith) into the darkness in order for it to become light and show the path.

That builds confidence.

Is there a fear you have conquered?

That could be going to a new church, or calling a fertility doctor to start an IUI. It could also be giving yourself your first shot, or making a new friend. There are lots of things that could be conquered, some small and others big.

Doesn’t it feel good to say you have conquered a fear?

When you conquer a fear, you grow. Without that pull we wouldn’t progress.

Even though Halloween only comes once a year, lets not let our fears linger through the rest of the year.

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