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10 things about our natural BFP

Here’s 10 things that we were doing when we got our natural BFP (big fat positive).

With getting pregnant naturally with an endometriosis, low ovarian reserve and male factor diagnosis:

  • 3 months (April, May, June) of Depo-Lupron shots. Aka, medicated menopause for suspected endometriosis.
  • I had been taking this list of supplements for several months prior to our failed IVF cycle in August.
  • Little to no exercise. I ran every now and then, but not really running like I was the previous year when I was training for my first marathon. Two weeks before the cycle I got pregnant I ran a half marathon, and the weekend of implantation I walked (yes WALKED) a half marathon. I was attending Barre not regularly, and strength training on and off.
  • I was still drinking my normal 44 ounce 1/2 diet-1/2 regular Dr Pepper and didn’t feel guilty for it.
  • My weight was 5-10 pounds more than what is considered “normal” for my height. Gotta love those fertility medications and not being able to be active during treatments.
  • We weren’t eating the healthiest (beans and rice living) because our main focus had switched from infertility towards getting out of debt. I had felt very strongly the need to get out of debt before having children.
  • I was so over tracking my cycles that I was only tracking when my period started and when we were intimate. Mainly, so I could know when I was going to start my period again (because, #letsbereal I hate my period). I didn’t even care what day I was on in my cycle.
  • I was using a dry brush to scratch my back. It seemed to help me itch my acne on my back and get it to stop. You can read about the benefits HERE.
  • There were also many prayers from infertile friends, close friends, and family that I’m sure played into our successful pregnancy, and we are forever grateful!
  • My focus was on The Hope for Fertility foundation and helping others struggling with infertility. Which was focusing on serving other people. While it may or may not have helped, it took that constant need to be all about me, to you. To Serving YOU! I really feel there is something about helping others helps take away your own burdens.

Some people who haven’t gone through infertility may say that during that time, I had forgotten about our infertility and that we “just relaxed” and got pregnant. While you may think that, I do not believe that was the case.

I was very aware that we were still infertile. A month prior, I had just been told by a fertility doctor that I would never be a biological mother.

That my friends, was the hardest thing to ever have to hear. And something NO doctor should ever say to a patient.

For our situation, being put on Depo-Lupron helped with lining up and resetting my body. The RE rushed into our IVF cycle after doing 3 months of Depo. I feel we would’ve had a better outcome had we waited for my body to restart on its on instead of being given Estrace (estrogen) for a couple weeks.

**Please remember that every woman’s body is different, and what worked for me might not work for you.

My hope is that someone will come across this and ask their doctor about Depo-Lupron, dry brushing, supplements to help egg and sperm quality, etc.

The others are just to show that I’m still human and didn’t want to change my diet.

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