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What We Paid for IVF

I’m sharing what we paid for IVF cycles #1 and #2. This is the cost breakdown of both our IVF cycles. The main reason for sharing what we personally paid is I’ve had many people tell me that I should “just adopt,” and this is to show that infertility is expensive.

Our out of pocket expenses were for IVF #1:

Insurance Specialty Pharmacy: $1,185.61
Integrity Pharmacy: $1,350.33
Fertility Clinic: $3,105.26
Anesthesia: $350 cash
Costco Pharmacy: $ 37.22
Misc: $3.63
Encino Pharmacy (Progesterone in Oil): $97.98
Supplements: $127.83

Total cost: $6,257.86

Everything was billed to the insurance, and then we had to come up with the rest. We did have a $3,000 deposit to the fertility clinic. My insurance made me use their specialty pharmacy, and because of that they of course jacked up the price.

My insurance had a $5,000 lifetime max for fertility treatments. Once that lifetime max is met I am not covered for fertility. Regardless of the cap, thankfully they still covered all the blood work and ultrasounds.

You can read about that cycle here, here, here and here.

So for IVF #2 we paid everything in cash!

Vasco Specialty Pharmacy (Progesterone Suppositories): $25.00
Walmart Pharmacy (I got an infection from the PIO shot, & Estradiol): $8.00
Costco Pharmacy: $ 39.60
Integrity Pharmacy: $ 3,134.87
Anesthesia: $350 cash
Freedom Fertility Pharmacy (Neupogen Injection): $367.15
Supplements (Started 3 months before IVF): $161.55
Fertility Clinic: $9,600

Total Cost: $13,686.17

Again, everything was billed to the insurance, and then we paid the rest. My insurance still covered blood work and ultrasounds. I’m sure if we had to pay for those out of pocket that would’ve cost a lot more.

You can read about IVF #2 here, here, here and here.

Total Out of Pocket Costs for both cycles: $19,944.03

That is quite a lot of out of pocket expenses.

That was a total of 4 embryo’s that were transferred; a miscarriage, a failed cycle, and not including in that total is a rainbow miracle baby.

paid for ivf our ivf journey

I would love to know! Have you added up your expenses to see how much you’ve paid for fertility treatments?

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