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Things that are Starting In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

Our IVF Journey

Our IVF Journey first started when our RE said it’s time for us to move to IVF. Never thought we’d hear that.

Our First Appointment

We met with our IVF coordinator and she gave me a fertility medication calendar. This calendar would tell us when we’d start and stop medications as well as when we’d have our baseline appointment, etc. Once I start a medication, I take it until my stop date or until they tell me to stop. I signed up for a “shot class” to teach me how to use and mix injections.

Fertility Supplements

I was to start taking supplements my RE recommended that are supposed to help with egg quality right away. Once my period showed in December I started birth control (BC) to stop my ovaries from producing eggs. This gives the clinic control over my cycle.

I do not like the side effects of BC; cramping, bloating, weight gain, as well as horrible mood swings (sorry Chase), but the pills are necessary.

Knowing when the stop date was helped me cope with the side effects, and I knew there would be a day where I wouldn’t be on them = A Happy Tedi.

Baseline Scheduled

My baseline appointment was scheduled for January 4th, and they always start with an ultrasound (aka: “Wanda”, the probe, transvaginal ultrasound, etc).

When they were checking my lining, they found a cyst on my left ovary. They drew blood to see if it was estrogen producing. If it was, then we’d have to reschedule our cycle. They called later that day and they told me my lining and estrogen levels were where it needed to be.

The clinic said that it’s common for women to get cysts each cycle and they go away once your period starts. They told me to proceed with my calendar schedule for injections and mentioned I may not start my period. I was hopeful that I wouldn’t, seeing as I would be on vacation running a lot (hello 48.6 miles). Unfortunately, I did start my period and it stayed until marathon morning. Why does that my period always comes with big races? is it that AF always likes to come with big races?!

Paying our IVF Bill

At the baseline appointment Chase and I payed the deposit for our IVF cycle, which was around $3,000.

All you need in order to start the IVF process is have cash or insurance that will pay for the big bill. You know the price of IVF is about that of a newer used car ($10,000-18,000). So Chase and I should, at this point have a gently used car. It just shows that fertility costs are super expensive, and more insurances, and employers should add infertility coverage for their employees, since it wouldn’t increase the premium by much.

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