Chase and I getting ready to start our second IVF cycle
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Starting Our Second IVF Cycle

In preparation of our second IVF cycle, I started skimming an IVF book that I got from the library. One of the chapters was on surviving the infertility roller coaster. The author mentioned that with each new cycle you are given a clean slate.

So for us that clean slate is:

  • Taking the RE’s recommended supplements 3 months before July to promote egg quality.
  • We got on depo-lupron to combat potential endometriosis.
  • During egg retrieval my RE will inject “neupogen” into my uterus which is supposed to help the embryo to stick better for embryo transfer.
  • Acupuncture; before, during and after my IVF cycle.

So with that clean slate, we geared up for our July cycle.

We got our IVF calendar and met with our IVF coordinator. Shortly after our appointment all of the past emotions from our failed IVF cycle came flooding back, and I realized that I hadn’t fully healed.

I am very anxious and scared that our IVF cycle will all end in a miscarriage. The past and present feelings are known as “infertility PTSD.”

My baseline was set for July 7, and because my ovaries were asleep for 3 months my RE put me on estrace (estradiol). Starting that 7 days before my baseline appointment.

depo lupron shot clean slate second IVF cycle

Chase was out of town for our baseline on July 12, so I had a friend come with me for moral support. She helped in many ways, she was strong and her calmness helped my shaking and anxious body. A few hours later I got the call that we could start fertility meds the next day.

The side effects are the worst part to all the medication The ones I’ve been experiencing this time around are:

  • Bloated (called the “fertility meds bloat”)
  • More happy (as I’m off of the depo-lupron shots)
  • Feeling less forgetful (another depo-lupron side effect)
  • Nauseous on and off
  • Hungry all the time
  • Way more emotional and cry a lot more
  • Belly isn’t as bruised, but still tender.

My goal throughout this treatment cycle is to stay strong by saying “I can do hard things,” taking one day at a time, and being more patient.

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