7 not so glamorous parts of IVF

The not so glamorous parts of IVF

If you have never been through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) you may not fully understand the “wonderful, glamorous” parts of IVF. The things women put their bodies through during IVF.

IVF is broken down into 3 different phases:

-Injections to stimulate eggs (10-14 days)
-Egg Retrieval
-Embryo Transfer (either fresh or frozen)

There are unfortunately not so glamorous parts of IVF.

I’ve come up with a few, based on my own personal experience with IVF:

  1. Unnecessary weight gain. Before starting IVF, you are given birth control. Birth control can make some women cranky and want to eat all.the.things. Which means you gain weight. You also don’t feel like yourself or feel like exercising.
  2. Bloated. All the hormones (from birth control and shots) running through you tend to add on the excess water.
  3. Feeling like a pin cushion. Giving yourself 3+ shots a day, while trying to find a good spot on your belly that isn’t already bruised can be nearly impossible. By the end of stims you feel like you’ve become a pin cushion.
  4. Worry at every ultrasound appointment. Always constantly worrying at every ultrasound is completely normal. Worrying about how big the eggs (follicles) are getting, how many more days of injections, what is my estrogen levels, etc. When you’ve put so much time and money into IVF, you want it to be successful and not have to go through it again.
  5. Surgery (aka Egg Retrieval). Most of the time you are asleep during egg retrieval. I have heard horrible stories of women being awake. If you were put under for egg retrieval, you’ll most likely sleep a good chunk of the day. The following day you could be in pain or sore.
  6. Progesterone. Getting ready for embryo transfer you start progesterone, which helps you stay pregnant. There are 3 different types; progesterone in oil (PIO), progesterone gel (inserted vaginally), and progesterone suppositories (inserted vaginally). You will either experience vaginal leakage (like a lot) or give yourself shots in the butt, daily. If IVF is successful then you’ll be doing progesterone until 10-12 weeks of pregnancy (about 3 months).
  7. Tears and Heartache after a failed cycle. I hate talking about this, but it is a fact and reality for most couples. After so many years dealing with infertility, you pray your body will sustain a pregnancy. Then when the call comes that you didn’t get pregnant. Then, the tears flow, the questions arise, you feel the heartache comes, and “will we ever become parents” comes to mind. This is what makes this the top reason why IVF is not so glamorous.
7 not so glamorous parts of IVF

Did I miss anything else?

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