infertility and the holidays
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Infertility and the Holidays

Let’s talk infertility and the holidays. There are always going to be parties to attend, family to see. Nieces and Nephews, and new babies.

Which means because you’re dealing with infertility or loss, there are always going to be triggers around us.

So please remember to take time for yourself. Your mental and physical and emotional health are more important than any parties to attend, or family to see.

I’m giving you the okay (if you need it) to say NO, and to not feel guilty.

infertility and the holidays

​In the past, when Chase and I were dealing with infertility I feel like we had it lucky because none of our siblings were married. So our holidays consisted only of adults. We weren’t reminded or triggered in our family by little kids or babies running around.​ However, we did see photos on social media and get invited to events that had babies, and kids.

Now it’s a bit different because the majority of our siblings are married, and working at growing their own families. After losing Ethan I was actually really happy that there was a pandemic going on because everyone seemed to want to take space. It made it easier for us to deal with our grief, while our family couldn’t 100% relate.

infertility and the holidays

So here are a few ideas on how to handle infertility and the holidays:

  1. Be willing to say NO. It’s a complete sentence, and it’s perfectly acceptable for others to hear.
  2. Slow down. Only do things you and your partner enjoy.
  3. You don’t have to make others happy, that’s not your job.You are not responsible for others’ feelings.
  4. Stay OFF social media if needed. It can be especially triggering.
  5. Remember to give yourself some compassion (as well as others too).
  6. Take one day at a time.

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