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Infertility Humor – For the Bad Days

Infertility can be tough some days, and sometimes we need some infertility humor to help enjoy the journey. Growing up I dealt with those tough days as a grumpy, angry mess, because that’s how my parents dealt with tough days. When I got married, Chase was the complete opposite. He enjoyed laughing and watching funny videos to get through those tough days. He has since helped me to lighten up when I start to become angry and grumpy.

I’m not saying that you can’t have “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days,” cause I still have them. What I’m saying is come in with a mindset that it’s just a day, and tomorrow may be better. You can still laugh and enjoy life with those hard days.

So on bad days here is some funny infertility humor that will help lighten your mood when you need a good laugh:

so I was making pancakes... funny infertility humor.
Oh your baby was free? That's cute. Infertility treatments means mine will be a super fancy, designer baby, thanks science! - funny infertility humor
So you have an opinion about my life, which one of my bills will you be paying this month? Funny infertility humor
Hey you! Chick who is always complaining about your kids and/or pregnancy symptoms: You make me wish I had more middle fingers. Funny infertility Humor
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes infertility apparently. funny infertility humor
I thought this was going to be more of a one-on-one thing. funny infertility humor
fertility treatment. Giving Body shots a whole new meaning. funny infertility humor
You mean I spend years avoiding pregnancy. To find out I'm Infertile? Funny infertility humor.
hey, we're having a conversation I can participate in. Annnnnd we're talking about your kids again. funny infertility humor
My period just started. So of course, one of my friends just "accidentally" got pregnant. Well played, murphy, well played. Funny infertility humor
What day is it? cycle day 15... I mean tuesday. funny infertility humor
Fertility. There's an app for that. And I have all of them. Funny infertility humor
Don't mind my infertility. Keep talking about how you hate your children. funny infertility humor
Time to take my fertility drugs! Yippee. Funny Infertility humor
It's transfer day. funny infertility humor
May the embryos be ever in your favor. funny infertility humor

What are some funny memes or other infertility humor that has helped you on your really rough days?

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