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Things that are “It’s time to move towards IVF”

Our IVF Journey

We didn’t know going into meet with our RE that he would suggest IVF. But after our 3rd failed IUI cycle that’s what happened. Unfortunately, it only took a month to get in after our 3rd failed IUI.

This is what we talked about:

There are three pieces; the sperm, the egg, and the uterus. The semen analysis took care of the sperm part. The IUI focused on the eggs.

Because our IUI’s kept failing he was thinking my tubes weren’t working correctly, or that I could have endometriosis. Which could cause my uterus to be twisted and turned.

The next step would be In Vitro Fertilization or better known as IVF. Because I have low ovarian reserve, he recommended these vitamins and supplements.

I thought this was going to be more of a one-on-one thing... IVF Journey

We scheduled to start our IVF cycle for after me running the Dopey Challenge, since we’d be across country.

Did you know that high impact exercise will effect IVF?

Our RE wanted me to do a water ultrasound and it had to coincide with my cycle and be shortly after my period started. A water ultrasound is where they inject sterile saline into the uterus, looking for polyps or fibroids, or abnormalities. I got SUPER nervous because of what I went through with the HSG a few years ago, and it is basically the same thing.

Water Ultrasound

Insert the speculum, insert catheter into the cervix, remove speculum, insert “Wanda” and then push a bunch of sterile saline (and feel it all drip down your bum), remove “Wanda,” and remove catheter. The procedure itself wasn’t too painful, but there were a lot of really bad cramps about 30 minutes after. **Be sure to use the extra big pads they give you, you will want it.

Meeting with IVF Coordinator

After the water ultrasound we meet with our IVF coordinator. I was zoned out due to the amount of pain I was in. Thankfully Chase asked a lot of questions. They gave us a calendar of how our IVF cycle will roll out.

Fertility Treatment. Giving "body shots" a whole new meaning. IVF Journey

To start IVF we have to have a $3,000 deposit which is due on the day of our baseline appointment. Some, if not most, patients have to pay the full amount up front the day of their baseline. We have some coverage from my work’s insurance, but it still is going to be very expensive.

Disclaimer: My experience isn’t going to be the same as yours. The meds will be different, the cost will be different, the support will be different, and your body is different than mine.

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