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How Mercier Therapy Can Aid with Fertility

When Kason was born, I realized how many harmful chemicals he was going to be exposed to. That terrified me. This pure little baby boy who came directly from heaven was now going to be exposed to smoke, harmful chemicals on his skin, and other toxins in the air.

It got me thinking and doing more on my end to reduce the amount of harmful things that would be added to our house and to our earthly environment. That spiraled to what foods we were ingesting and then got me thinking on what could I do to get pregnant naturally. Because I was NOT going to do IVF again. So I started researching more natural methods.

My friend, Kelsey, had let me go to one of her sessions of Mercier Therapy. A couple months later she went and trained to become a Certified Mercier Therapist. Learning about Mercier, I decided that I wanted to try to see if it would help my painful periods that I’ve always had.

If you don’t know what Mercier Therapy is, feel free to check out Dr. Mercier’s website. It is essentially a deep pelvic visceral manipulation (or massage) that restores blood flow to the reproductive organs.

In March and April I had a 6 week session done. I was waiting for June/July, but when talking to Kelsey she said doing it sooner would have long term benefits. So we started within the next couple of weeks.

The first appointment she gave me a whole bunch of supplements to start taking. As well as a bottle of caster oil to do many caster oil packs.

Week 1

I was super sore for a few days. I was nervous that my pelvis would be sore the following appointments. But I did a caster oil pack, and surprisingly wasn’t nearly as sore. It was a nice deep tissue massage, and we noticed that my left hip/pelvis was tighter than my right side.

Week 2 – 6

I did need to change (a few times) the day that we had our appointment because I was going to be on or getting off my period. To help reduce endometriosis it is not encouraged to do a session while on your period. The last 5 sessions I wasn’t as sore at all. I was using the caster oil pack before and after each appointment, which I think helped. I believe that helped loosen everything up.

The Results

While I was hopeful that it would start being beneficial (by getting pregnant naturally) the month or two after, it hasn’t. I have, however, noticed a decrease in pain during menstruation. I asked Kelsey about endometriosis, and she encouraged me to get a session done at least every other month to help reduce pain and have those prolonged benefits.

UPDATE 9/29/2020

I got pregnant naturally 3 months after completing Mercier Therapy. Unfortunately, we lost our baby boy at 40+3 and had him a couple days after.

Would I suggest others to get Mercier Therapy done?

Absolutely! This will have benefits for those trying naturally and before going through fertility treatments (IUI, IVF). I have also read of women not needing their tubes removed because of Mercier Therapy.

While I don’t have all the answers and haven’t researched extensively, my thought is try something new, it couldn’t hurt right?

P.S. Be sure to check out Kelsey’s thoughts on Mercier Therapy. And check out the other things she does on her website.
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