3 unusual ways to pay for IVF
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3 unusual ways to pay for IVF

I wrote a post a while ago listing out my Top 10 Ways to Pay for IVF. Since writing that post, I’ve thought of 3 unusual ways to save up and pay for IVF that you may not have thought of.

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using airbnb to save up and pay for ivf

Have you ever stayed at an Airbnb to try and save some money traveling?

What about renting out a room in your house to save up and pay for IVF?

Airbnb makes it easy to set up your space (big or small) to allow guests to come into your home and rent a room. It’s a great way to make some money on the side while at your full-time job.

It doesn’t take much to get your space up and running and Airbnb will help get your listing out there for the first 3 visits.

The biggest downside is having strangers in your home. It is a double blinded review, meaning you can’t see your guests review (and same with them) until you’ve reviewed them.

We use Airbnb out of our own home and have really enjoyed meeting people from all over. It’s been nice to make some extra money and not really have to do a whole ton, aside from making our space is extra clean.


Using Rover to help save up and pay for IVF

If you don’t feel comfortable having people staying at your home, and you are an animal lover, you could become a Rover Sitter.

You can set it up to either:
  • Board animals in your home
  • House sit for someone else
  • Hold doggy day care in your home
  • Or take up dog walking

We used Rover when we traveled to San Francisco and enjoyed knowing that our dogs would be taken care of. We also took our dogs over for a meet and greet before we booked with our Rover sitter to make sure it was a good fit.


Use Uber and Lyft to help save up and pay for IVF

Have you ever used Uber or Lyft while traveling? This has been extra popular as of late, and it’s pretty easy to make some extra money.

The only downside is that you have to drive, and if you hate driving then this might be really stressful for you. Uber, like Airbnb uses a double blind review system. You can go here to check out the driver requirements. You can use my link to sign up for a free ride, if you’ve never ridden with Uber before.

For a while Chase and I were Uber drivers, but where we live wasn’t a great location, and we weren’t making enough to have it be worth it, so we ended up stopping.

What are some ways that you have saved up for IVF?

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