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Reflecting on Mother’s Day

This year I am reflecting on my own mother and other strong women for Mother’s Day.

I love listening to podcasts. I happened to be listening to one that helped me reflect on my own mother and the example that she’s given me. I’m the oldest of 3 in my family, and my parents got divorced when I was 11. I lived with my mom and she did everything for us. She stressed some important things upon me and I hope to do that with our future children.

The good things that Mom really stressed to me growing up were:

  1. Never wear flip flops to church – you wear your Sunday best, and I had church shoes, so I had to wear my church shoes.
  2. We always went to church and school, like always. She said if we don’t go to church/school, then we can’t do fun things after.
  3. Mom went to church every Sunday whether us kids wanted to go or not. She was that rock and example that we needed.
  4. I was taught me the principle of working = money. Though talking about money and how to use money, was unfortunately taboo.
  5. She helped me understand that we need Christ in our life. She helped me grow my own strong testimony of Him.

There were many other women in my life who were great examples to me. So if you are without a mother or haven’t been able to bare children yet, consider focusing on a woman in your life that has been a wonderful example to you.

Focus on other great women around you and not necessarily what your own circumstances are at the moment.

There are a lot of great strong women we can think about, even women in the scriptures.

My focus the past 7 years or so I’ve always put a focus on ME and how I’ve NOT been able to become a mother.

You can still be a mother or a mother like figure to those who you surround with.

By doing things that God wants us to do; reading our scriptures, praying, and by being a good example to others is the best way you can be a strong woman (whether you are a mom or not).

Can we focus on the good, strong women in our lives? Those good women who have the qualities of Christ; faith, hope, charity and love. By surrounding yourself with those women, they will in turn help you to create a better self, by being selfless and caring towards others.

My challenge this Mother’s Day is to think of a few women in your life and tell them or show them how much they mean to you. If you can’t/aren’t able to let them know, then write down your feelings in a journal.

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