Chase, Tedi, Hurley and Pepper about us

About Chase and Me

Sharing a bit about Chase and I and how we met.

Chase and I met in October of 2006 at a BYU football game. A few months after that we went on our first date (“blind date” because Chase didn’t remember meeting me at the BYU game) and went ice skating and got hot chocolate afterwards. We hit it off and were inseparable ever since. We got married in the LDS Timpanogos Temple, July of 2007. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or better known as Mormons.

Chase loves all things Iron Man and Transformers. He is definitely a kid at heart! He loves the newest and greatest of technology – he isn’t one to go out and buy it all, but he loves learning about it. He doesn’t necessarily love running like me, but he supports me in my running, and even has run a few races with me.

I love running. It’s my passion. I am passionate about running and about infertility. That’s kinda why I created this blog. Running and exercise is my stress relief. I am the type of person that is always on the go. I have to be doing something. I do know how to relax, but it’s never the same time Chase wants to relax.

We have 2 dogs – Hurley and Pepper. Hurley is named after Hurley from the TV show Lost, he is a Puggle, has TONS of energy and can whisper when he speaks (2 volumes: loud and soft). Pepper is named after Pepper Potts from Iron Man, she is a Dutch Shepard mixed with another breed (we think Pitbull) though she’s not as big as a German Shepard, she loves to try and protect us and gives us hugs.

After 7+ years of infertility we had our miracle boy, Kason on June 25, 2017. He is the light of our life and smiles at everything.

Though we have beaten infertility our journey to grow our family is not over.

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