infertility still affects us
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Infertility Still affects us

Infertility still affects Chase and I, and I wished it didn’t.

I feel bad for every post I share of Kason. But, if I don’t share what joy he brings to our family, then how can I instill hope and encouragement into your hearts that infertility is just a season?

Here’s 4 ways Infertility still affects us:

Those that are still struggling with infertility, even those that I don’t know, and they don’t know me.

All they see is another pregnant lady or mom. They don’t see the years of struggling that took place to get this miracle. As Kason grows, any random person would not know that I’ve been through infertility without me first saying something. I wish we had a badge or something to signify that we’ve dealt with infertility.

Pregnancy announcements still affect us after struggling with infertility.

Shortly after we brought Kason home, everyone’s attention seemed to move on to other things. While we felt like our miracle should’ve been shouted from the rooftops, in reality, it felt as if it had all gotten lost with all of the other announcements and the next exciting thing. It felt like our 7-year struggle and miracle baby thunder was taken out from under us.

When other moms talk so freely about growing their family.

A few thoughts come to my mind when this happens around me:

  1. Will I be able to get pregnant again, or will I have to suffer through the pain again for several more years?
  2. You talk about growing your family as if it were as easy as going to the store and buying groceries. It still doesn’t feel fair.

Mother’s Day still affects me.

Thank goodness that this years Mother’s Day was just a normal day. Chase was worried that I would tell him off if he even wished me a “Happy Mother’s Day” that he said nothing. Before we headed to church I broke down crying and told him that yes, I wanted to be recognized, but I felt bad for wanting to be happy and celebrating.

I’m in no way complaining, because this is life after infertility. We are trying to navigate the aftermath of infertility. I do want those that are still in the midst of infertility to understand that the pain still bothers us even after we have our miracle baby in our arms.

For those that have gotten their miracle, do you have the same feelings?

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