hiking payson grotto falls in the summer
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Hiking in Utah: Payson Grotto Falls

Trail Sign for Payson Grotto Falls Hike in Utah

You can get to Payson Grotto Falls by getting off on one of the Payson exits. The trail is close to the beginning part of the Mountain Nebo Loop. There’s a turn that you come around and can see a sign off on the left. The trail is only about a half mile round trip.

This is a REALLY short out and back hike. Easy for kids, and pretty much anyone. We love hiking to waterfalls. Growing up I ddin’t think we had any waterfalls in Utah, ha I was so mistaken. Since it’s so short, it only took us about a half an hour to get up and back. Overall, the trail is pretty shaded with a few uncovered parts.

payson grotto falls hike in Utah

The trail doesn’t incline very steep.

Payson Grotto Falls Hike In Utah Beautiful waterfall

Side note, I love hiking in my chacos. The reason being my feet can get wet and I don’t have to worry about wet socks. Cause that is the worst while out hiking.

hiking payson grotto falls in the summer

Overall this was a perfect easy hike for us. If you live in Utah, or have visited Utah, I would love to know if you have hiked Payson Grotto Falls.

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