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Hiking in Utah: Kyhv Peak Trail (Squaw Peak)

Chase and I attempted hiking squaw peak after me not being able to be active for over a month. It was SO hard for me to be inactive for that month.

I didn’t want to sit around all day and had seen someone on Instagram post about hiking Squaw Peak, and Chase agreed to hike it with me.

Squaw Peak hike is about 7 miles round trip, and I convinced Chase by saying it was a “fun little hike.” We packed a few water bottles and some snacks and headed out.

How to get there:

There are a few ways to get to the trailhead to Squaw Peak Summit. You can drive to Squaw Peak campground and hike to the fork in the trail. Or drive to Rock Canyon and hike to the same fork in the trail. Either way will get you up to Squaw Peak Summit. Hiking from the campground adds on a few extra miles. So we opted for the Rock Canyon route.

The trail starts out as a paved path, but then gradually turns to a rocky path.

The first two miles I wasn’t feeling the greatest. I felt weak and lightheaded and was overheating. Eating some snacks and resting for the first couple of miles helped. We used these cooling towels that we got from the Dopey Challenge in Florida, and they seemed to help cool us off.

We reached the fork in the trail and Chase said we’d reach a part of the trail where it was 1 mile uphill. We walked about a half mile, and then it was all uphill, and I don’t think I’ve hiked that steep before.

We hiked another mile and ended up finding a geocache and got a cool monster truck toy from it.

We finally made it to the top, and I touched the flag pole just to prove that I hiked to the top of that tough mountain.

What an amazing panoramic shot of Utah Valley.

The return trip was of course just as steep. On the steep part down my IT-bands and inner knees were burning. Once we reached the fork in the path, they didn’t hurt as bad.

Accomplishing this hard hike after hearing such bad news the previous day was something to be proud of.

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