5 ways to stay healthy during the holidays
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Five Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

How are we going to stay healthy the holidays? After posting about Chase’s weight loss journey, I realized we are getting closer to the holiday season. Where you want to eat All. The. Foods.

“How am I going to survive when I want to eat everything yummy?” is what I keep thinking. Training for the Dopey Challenge over Christmas allows me to eat more calories, and I don’t want to eat crappy food. I know my body doesn’t like a lot of sugary treats.

Here’s 5 ways to stay healthy during the holidays:

Continue to Exercise.

That may seem like a “no, duh” but as we move closer to Christmas, there are more parties, more people to visit, and more things that take up our time. Exercising is probably at the bottom of your to-do list, or not on the list at all. Just remember to throw in some “Me” time, or run a Turkey Trot like I love to do each year!

alli and I running the turkey trot on thanksgiving training for the dopey challenge

Schedule Your Time.

Plan for things that you want to do/need to do during the next few weeks. Having a plan is so much easier than not having anything written down and/or overbooking dates. Plus, it allows you to add in those much needed runs/exercise. Setting reminders on your phone can help you remember things that you tend to forget.

Keep Moving Your Body.

You can take walks, around the mall by shopping for gifts, taking a treat to a neighbors, etc. Staying active instead of making cookies and watching Christmas movies (though those are really fun too).

It’s Not About the Food.

Though we all love the holiday foods; cheese balls, chocolate truffles, chocolates, almond milk eggnog, etc. Instead remember that it’s not about the food, but about the people you are with.

5 ways to stay healthy during the holidays. A setback is when you slip up, get busy or become distracted from your goals. A failure is when you decide your health isn't worth the effort.

Drink up!

Try and drink 100oz of water each day. By keeping your water intake up, and drinking water before and after a meal/snack will help you not eat so much.

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